Thermodynamic Systems

The sun is not always in the sky, job fairs near me the weather conditions in this country are changeable and unstable. Over the winter months we have only on average 3 – 4 hours of sunlight.

Traditional solar thermal panels are limited in the operation, their production of hot water being directly linked to their exposure to the sun.

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How Does A Thermodynamic System Work? 4 Easy Steps To FREE Hot Water!


The Thermodynamic panels are a genuine advance meant in the collecting of atmospheric power day and night in sunshine, rain, wind and snow and transforming this into a plentiful supply of hot water.

Our thermodynamic panels are manufactured from high performance anodized aluminium and possess a sokolote selective coating that guarantees a life time defence against oxidisation and corrosion.

Their dimensions and weight allow for ease of installation. The panels only weigh 8kg each and measure 2 metres in length, 0.80 metres in width, and have a thickness of just 2 centimetres. They can be mounted at an angle between 15 and 90 degrees and can be installed on almost any roof surface or alternatively vertically on a wall within 15 metres of the hot water tank.

  • Heats your water to a minimum 55°C all year round
  • Works in all weathers sun, wind, rain, snow, day & night down to -15 degree
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency
  • Robust aluminium panels, weighing only 8kg!
  • Straightforward installation with minimal maintenance
  • Can be mounted from 15° to 90°, giving you ultimate flexibility in positioning
  • Saving you up to 80% off your water & heating bills
  • Can provide 100% of hot water requirements 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Fast payback period
  • Can be used for domestic hot water, swimming pool, large volume water, heating and central heating systems

Possible Uses


Historic / Listed Buildings




Doctors Surgery Fridged Areas


Server Rooms / Datacenters


Swimming Pool Heating


Farm Houses




Domestic Properties


Nursing Homes

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